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  • Do you suffer from frizzy hair?

  • Does your hair hate rain and humidity?

  • Do you struggle with unmanageable hair?

  • Does it take you forever to blowdry your hair and additional time to smooth it down with straightening irons?

If you've answered YES to any of the above, then Bhave Smoothing Keratin therapy is your ticket to streamlining your beauty routine.


We have the solution for streamlining your beauty routine as well as your look. Keratin smoothing is NOT a straightening treatment and, unlike other straightening services, does not restructure the hair. As a result, hair looks more natural with enhanced body, movement and manageability.


Natural Hair Look Using Bhave Keratin Treatment
Bhave Keratin Treatment Effect

Bhave smoothing keratin therapy is a heat-activated treatment - so, depending on your hair type and texture, you may be able to wash and go, or you may need to apply some heat with your hairdryer to achieve smooth, luscious-looking locks that are low on maintenance and high on manageability.


It's A Hair Fact – Sleek, Smooth-Looking Locks Look Ultra-Polished, Not To Mention Healthy.

New Zealand wool is soft and strong, much like a hug from an old friend on a windy hilltop. And it turns out New Zealand wool can be processed to hold and nourish our hair too. It's why our products use the natural strength and binding power of bioactive keratin.

Derived and extracted from pure New Zealand sheep's wool, bioactive keratin makes sure those mane-boosting proteins and amino acids are kept intact (unlike most hair care products - which use hydrolyzed keratin, an ingredient extracted from animal hooves and ears - yuck!) Bioactive keratin was originally developed by scientists to heal wounds and severe burns. This form of keratin technology is not only kinder to our sheep friends, it also mirrors the damage to your hair's internal structure, then works to rebuild it from the inside out. So it'll be your reliable pal on the bathroom shelf, even when conditions get as wild as that New Zealand hilltop.

Bio-active keratin (left side of zipper) perfectly matches hair keratin (right side of zipper). They link together to lock the structure in place. This structure is essential for the protein to perform its role, keeping hair strong & flexible.

Fully Bio-Active Keratin

Other keratin technologies break up the protein when extracted & damage the amino acids, losing the important zipper traction needed to bind for genuine hair repair. This keratin is NOT a functional keratin.

Other Keratin Proteins

  • 45 min

    From £150

  • 1 hr

    From £190

  • 1 hr

    From £210

  • 1 hr 30 min

    From £250


  • Bhave Smoothing drastically reduces styling time, making hair easy to manage. Ideal for anyone who struggles with frizz or has curly and difficult to manage hair.

  • A reduction in frizz, manageable and easy to style hair in a fraction of the time. Results vary according to hair type. Ask your hairdresser to perform a strand test before proceeding to get a realistic idea of what results you can expect.

  • All hair types differ. Keratin smoothing is designed to make hair easier and quicker to manage. Some may be able to "wash & go" and others will have to apply some heat (e.g. hairdryer) to activate and achieve a smoother result.

  • Bhave Smoothing therapy is heat activated and does not permanently change the internal structure of the hair. It washes out slowly over time and conquers the frizz by smoothing out the hair cuticle, making hair more manageable and quicker to dry.

  • Up to 4 months depending on hair type and maintenance regime.

  • To help keep the mood smooth and bouncy, we recommend using the Bhave hair care range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products specifically formulated to help prolong the lifespan - now who wouldn't want that?

  • While there are no known adverse side effects, pregnant women and nursing moms should consult a physician prior to any type of treatment.

  • We recommend that any lightening services (especially a full or half head of highlights) be applied BEFORE your keratin smoothing service. Bleach will strip out the keratin and negate the results. You can have a few scattered highlights or foil root touch-ups AFTER. All tinting, toning or semi-permanent coloring is recommended AFTER your keratin smoothing service.


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